Friday, 20 July 2012

Boat collection (please read)

Having managed to get the earlier ferry we will definitely be at the boat collection point ahead of schedule so if you could all come straight down when you get the kids that would be much appreciated :)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

After sailing

So tonight we attended the prize giving and our sailors are all please with their haul of chocolates. It isn't called the chocolate cup for no reason!!

We then headed back to the hotel where the sailors had a great time unwinding in the swimming pool. As a treat and a change we went out for dinner which allowed those that wanted to, to enjoy the Hungarian specialiities of goulash and strudel. A few just needed some big plates of spaghetti bolognaise. Now everyone should be packing, a quote from one sailor whilst sitting surrounded by clothes: 'Holly, I'm nearly packed, apart from everything that's not in my bag!'

We are going to have breakfast tomorrow morning, then wave Alex S and his mum off at the train station. They have an adventure ahead of them as Alex is making his way to scout camp in Switzerland. After that we are heading to the airport to catch our flight at 2pm.

We hope Richard, Grant and our team mascot Sam, have a safe journey with the boats wherever they are at the moment. The sailors would like to say a huge thank you and I hope the sandwiches are ok!!

It has been a great time. Everybody has been very well behaved and it's been an enjoyable trip. See you all tomorrow.

Results!! (updated)

1st Hungary
2nd Josh Haynes
3rd Max Moyles

1st girl Jemma Viney
2nd girl Emma Baker
3rd girl Hungary

Still waiting ....

I know lots of you want to know how your sailors have done but we are still waiting. They won't publish results until after the prizes.

The team all have their polo shirts on and are trying to swap the tshirts. Everyone is after one!

The Boats Are Off!

We did it!! All boats packed away in less than an hour. Sailors have been sent back to the hotel for their team tshirts before prize giving. We are awaiting results!!

Wind meditation

It works! Well done holly and Richard

Holly is teaching Richard the art of meditating on building the wind. Richard is quite new to this but as you can see Holly is a natural. I feel very confident that it will arrive shortly!

Race day 3

13.35 - first start of today (race 7) was all clear, breeze has come in strong, now seems to be about 15 knots.

12.40 - sailors and Vagelis have all returned to shore just as the breeze has picked up! One sailor is short of a contact lens and the coach needs a diet coke!

12.29 - the club are so helpful here, they know the boats have to leave this afternoon so they have asked us what's the latest time our kids need to be in. They are doing everything they can to ensure we have a successful departure

12.08 - our drivers are fuelling up for the drive home

12.00 - still no wind

10.44 - unfortunately for the sailors we have the typical Lake Balaton weather of no wind and lots of sun. The race is postponed as they wait for wind on the water

10.22 - the support crew are going round the boat park looking for all the sail bags, foil bags and boat covers ready for a fast pack up when the sailors return. The team has all been briefed this morning that when they come in from sailing they have to get everything packed up as soon as they can before they do ANYTHING else! Vagelis has set them the target of getting it all done in an hour. Richard and Grant want to leave as quick as they can as they have 16 hours of driving to do and a ferry to catch at 10.00am in order to meet everyone on time!

9.47 - hardly a cloud in the sky this morning. As the sailors wait for the first start of the day it's 6-8 knots and about 24 degrees.

9.25 - the constant talk of results was getting to a few of the time so whilst waiting to launch I introduced a quick game of UNO and all race talk was banned

9.19 - sailors have just launched, there is a lot of anticipation amongst them this morning. After the debrief last night it was straight to bed and all sailors had strict instructions that all iPods, phones and iPads must be turned off by 10pm for everybody to get a good nights sleep